Maker, creator, doer, organizer;
Cempaka Collective is a three-person affinity group that collects anarcho-feminism narratives from Southeast Asia for simply a reason; making the impossible happen.

As an online publication, Cempaka Collective offers alternative views on social, economy, and political situation in this region. We channel the voices of anarchists, feminists, or just those who are not afraid to be different, regardless of their genders, colours, or sexual preferences.

Cempaka Collective doesn’t believe in nations and borders,
we exist everywhere.

Cempaka Collective is actively involved in organising all sorts of events; from workshops to art exhibitions to film screenings.

We also publishes zines that focuses on socio-political issues; such as body autonomy, gender and sexuality, accountability and consent, mental health, direct action tactics, and non-violent techniques.

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